When God Hears

God, please send me the right friends for this time in my life,” I prayed one day as I pulled up to my counseling appointment. 

We all know what it’s like to know many people, yet realize that certain people are tailor-cut for specific seasons of life.

I’d been at work so I devoured my lunch as I waited, observing the carpenter working on the interior walls of the church building. A pastor walked by, and I stood to introduce myself, as I’d just been in a leadership meeting with his wife, and greatly admired her. 

The carpenter walked over. “I’ve been wanting to meet you,” he said. “I read your article in the newspaper and purposed to meet you, but wanted it to happen organically.”

Then, he spoke a few words in my mother tongue (huge surprise), and we chatted for awhile. 

Both of us knew our meeting was no accident, so a few days later, he and his wife met me for dinner and we all became fast friends–probably the life-time kind of friends! They offered assistance in any area I needed it, and I accepted. 

My car is giving trouble, and I know little about cars,” I said. “If you could give me some advice, I would so appreciate it.” 

My van continued to get worse, and before long,  I knew the time had come to get rid of the old van and purchase something else. 

Willis and Greta were up to the task, and quickly had my desk loaded with print outs of cars for sale. “No mini van!” was my main request. Somehow, I needed to drive something different.

You need seven seats,” he said. “I will find several cross-overs for us to see, and we will make up our mind from there.” 

Greta and Willis spent the day traveling with me, and after traveling to different cities and back to the same one three times over, we finalized a deal. The car was not only affordable, but had a lot of life left, and I genuinely loved it. 


I hugged them both as we parted ways on the ferry. “You will never know how much this means to me,” I said.

Willis’ eyes became teary. “You know, when I do this, I feel like I’m doing it for Crystal.”

Willis and Greta’s only daughter had passed away many years ago, and their hearts still ached. She was an angel of a child, and greatly missed. Today, they are an answer to my own prayer, but God always turns giving around to bless the giver, as well. 

I nodded my head. “I receive it,” I said softly.


I drove home in the dark with Christmas music swirling in the car. In the midst of great heart ache and loss, God came with his own touch to let me know I was not alone, and he was intimately involved in every detail of my life. 

Friends, we can trust him. In the light or in the dark, he is there. Whether we feel it or not, he is there. When we need him, he is there.

We are never alone. Ask him for a touch today, and you will receive it in one way or another. And when it happens, put your roots of faith a little deeper than before. 

You are loved.

Jesus has already been where you need to go. He leads you, walks beside you, and declares his love over your life. You are never alone; if you know Jesus, you are held by the best companion you will ever know.


He leads you on. One day, trials will dissolve—but until that day, He walks with you to fill in the gaps. Trust him, and sooner or later the clouds will part, truth will reign, and you’ve only to make certain you’re on the winning side! 

Author: Sara Daigle

Author, speaker, and mother of four beautiful kids. Passionate about wholeness, healing, purpose, and identity for all women regardless of culture, background, or circumstance.

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