Medicate Your Trouble?

So hey, soul!

What are you medicating your troubles with? Because I know that, for many women, the holidays are a most painful time of reminders for what should have been.

So, yeah. Some of us may want to eat our hearts out while others of us get nauseous and can’t eat enough.


Some of us may shop our credit cards dry while others of us save each penny in an attempt to feel virtuous.

Some of us may want people to surround us while others of us crawl into a hole too small even for our own hearts.

God means to lead us straight to his heart instead of into the chocolate cake (though that helps, too!). He wants us to purchase things money can’t buy with currency of another kingdom, and the more we feel like paupers, the larger His gift of riches.

I want us to see His faithfulness when others are faithless.

See His care when you’re not cared for like you need to be.

God’s no is never meant for deprivation, but is an invitation to wholeness, instead.

20180502_120250 (1)

Whatever God says is meant to lead you into better places, deeper graces, and larger love.

Catch the devil red handed in his lie that if you listen to God, you’ll miss out. Tell him to his face that if you don’t listen to God, you’ll end up in a worse place just like Eve did when she didn’t listen. Allow your own Eden to remain by refusing temporary gifts offered in disguise.

You will never eradicate your pain by medicating it with earthly gain. But you can hallow your places when you choose heavenly graces.

Bite into that chocolate, but allow your soul to sink deeply into Someone surpassing all earthly comfort. Thank Him for leading you to deeper grace in spite of your place!


Author: Sara Daigle

Author, speaker, and mother of four beautiful kids. Passionate about wholeness, healing, purpose, and identity for all women regardless of culture, background, or circumstance.

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