Honest and Honorable

Sometimes, you get to pull away from work to do what you love–speaking and writing.
Sharing life with others means others share life with you–and all of us get to share Christ’s life, together. 

I stood there with words of life to share, but they came from a place of brokenness, and I said it, loud, “Ladies, I don’t share from a place of knowing it all–this is what I’m going through.”

I sit down, wondering why God leads us to be real in our rawness. The things we want to protect with our pride are the very things God uses to take our pride away, until we say, with Paul,

                         “I glory in nothing but Jesus Christ, and I’m here for Him.” 

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She comes with her own story, then another comes, and another. Because when we share our stories, others share theirs–and life is suddenly fresh with love because we all connect with the soul of another more than the accomplishments of each other.

The honest life is the honorable life. 
The authentic life is the beautiful life.
The bare life is the blessed life, because God always clothes His people. (and He clothes the naked with the most beautiful, because they have none of their own garments, and His are best). 

We can only be fully clothed with his garments when we first strip off our own. He’s waiting to clothe us with better.

woman wearing black and white striped maxi skirt holding brown bag
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All of us are drawn to the soul of another more than the accomplishments of each other.

Share your good and hard, and you’ll get to walk alongside others through their own good and hard. You’ll get to walk up, look up, urge another to look up, and then, grow together. 

We’re here for each other, and God is here for all of us. Always.
#livereal #lovebold #listenwell

Author: Sara Daigle

Author, speaker, and mother of four beautiful kids. Passionate about wholeness, healing, purpose, and identity for all women regardless of culture, background, or circumstance.

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