I love starting my day early, alone, with a cup of coffee and my Bible. Here, I find soul satisfaction with Jesus–because our hearts were created to crave something greater than ourselves. 

Getting to tap in with God on a moment’s notice is the greatest gift a heart could know. 

I have four beautiful children whom I love with all my heart. My favorite people give me laughter and tears, with more life and love than I could live without. They keep my soul young. 

When I’m not with my children, I’m working, hiking, reading, writing, singing, or dreaming of dance. There’s no end to the good around me.

Sometimes, we find love where we least expect it–right in the center of the crazy, where we get to give a kiss, smile a bit, or hold a hand. No matter where we are in life, those moments are available daily in one form or another. Life is short, and love can’t afford to wait. 

For all of us, life is a mix of crazy and beautiful. We choose where to live, whether it be the beautiful or ugly. As Ann Voskamp so beautifully says, “Dare to live fully, right where you are!” 

Join me as I share with you the greatest joys as well as the deepest sorrows of my life. Together, may we practice the graceful art of embracing truth while our souls are set free! 

All is Grace,

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