Home School, to Public, to Private

I cried the day I made my rounds to elementary, middle, and high schools to enroll my four children.

I was the home school mom who taught her babies how to read at young ages by creating words with wooden alphabet blocks. Often at two years old, I’d be on the floor placing blocks before my toddler and teaching him what it said. It was fun for both of us!

My oldest child started first grade at age four because she was brilliant. The next child was brilliant but didn’t like school, and it was work to get him through it each day. I was thrown into the mess of it all—but I loved it.

Then, my world changed from top to bottom. Out of necessity, I went to work. I knew I couldn’t work and do a good job with home school.  I needed to trust God and do what I needed to do–I would have to send my children to public school. 

Each morning as I put my little boy on the bus at 6:35 am (in NC that’s what happens!), I wondered what under heaven had happened to my home school table.

Each time my girls told me of another crummy boy with gross language and attitudes, I wondered why there wasn’t a better option for Christian moms who were unable to home school. 

But, I was in the thick of learning trust.

Mothers, when we’re in circumstances we can’t change, the best thing to do is put our chins up and trust that heaven is on our side as we wage war with hell. (Many of the pressures in public school are just that—pushes for teenagers to engage in things that could turn their world right over.)

Still, we have to trust. God is on our side as we faithfully choose Him no matter where our children go to school.

I was slowly learning to trust my Master more than any method. There, He showed Himself strong.

This year, Covid-19 is in all its glory as I watch with bated breath to see what public schools have to offer their students. It didn’t take long to get the email with plan B being the best for my children.

But plan B offers them only one day of face to face interaction, only one day in school, and the rest of the week at home doing online classes.

I was getting that pit-in-my-stomach feeling as I realized how difficult our year would be. My business is growing and I realized that many a morning would find four children alone navigating each other–and classes–while I was gone to work.

It didn’t seem like something I could ask of my children, but I had no better option. The drastic change of not being able to be there for my children 24/7 hit me even harder, but I tried to trust what God was continually teaching me over the past few years as a single mother. I had to trust that He would fill in the gaps and we’d all learn things during a difficult school year.

I had to trust my Master more than my method. Only in this way would I keep peace and be able to offer my children the best of mothering under the circumstances we were in.

Still, my heart was fearful and I sunk into weariness, rather waiting for a school year disaster.

Then, as I sat under a sermon at our new church (I’m so grateful for Joy Church), God spoke to me. “Sara, trust Me for good things for your children.”

Realizing my  state of distrust and fear, I said yes to God. I would choose to trust Him before I saw how things would play out. I would trust Him to do what I could not do. I would trust Him to show Himself to my children.

A few nights later I had a dream so vivid that I woke up, jolted into a deep awareness that I had to do something. A few hours later I knew I needed to do my best to get my children into private school where they could be mentored and taught each day even when I was at work.

Sometimes you can’t move until God lets you know that you know that you know that you heard Him speak.

It felt crazy, but I began phone calls immediately. My heart was filled with peace and assurance that I was in line with God’s heart. True to His nature, God worked everything out from paper work to finances to uniforms (yes, they have to wear uniforms, haha), and my four beautiful children are now enrolled in a private academy five days a week.

What’s more, my Junior can take college classes to get a jump start on her associates degree. Not only that, transportation to and from college is free.

My eighth grader gets to do Cross Country and make new friends on the team. This same child also had an unexpected—and amazing—counselor suddenly come on the scene.

My ninth grader gets to do the same curriculum he had just told me he’d rather do and would do so much better at than online school.

My little boy gets to attend the same school his little fishing buddies attend.

And this mama is filled with faith in a good God Who always shows up in many ways  when we’re facing things we didn’t expect.

I trust my Master more than any method. I trust Him when the method seems faulty but is the only way in sight. And when the method seems better, I still want to trust Him most. 

I will probably never home school again, and next year may have them back in public school. But from home school, to public school, to private school, and who knows what next year, I’m learning to lean into Jesus more than I lean into anything else.

Where you send your child is not as important as the spirit you show your child in your daily life with him. If you insist on home school when circumstances are not right for it, you may do more damage than if you trust God and send him to public school.

May each of us mothers trust Him fully whether our circumstances are difficult or easy. And may all of us know Grace that is truly greater than the sins of the whole world.

He’s looking over the earth to see whose heart is with Him so He can show Himself strong. 

May we posture ourselves in position for His blessing (whatever that looks like), and receive His word gratefully. 

From my heart to yours,


Author: Sara Daigle

Author, speaker, and mother of four beautiful kids. Passionate about wholeness, healing, purpose, and identity for all women regardless of culture, background, or circumstance.

15 thoughts on “Home School, to Public, to Private”

  1. Sara,
    I praise God for you and the wisdom of trusting God in all things that you express in a way that blessed and helps others. For this one is one little nugget of truth to grab hold of; for that one another. Love your willing and hopeful spirit that knows how to give up your own thoughts and give in to God’s.


  2. I’m a homeschool kid who put my kiddo in private school when I became a single mom, because I had to go to work. A couple years later, we faced another transition. It was so hard for me to send my first grader to public school after having her in a private school for two years. I was homeschooled and it was a bad experience so I preferred a private school, but when that was no longer an option, I felt frozen because I was literally terrified of public school. It turned out to be amazing, because that little public school turned out to be an even better experience than our private school experience. Point being, my experience has taught me as well that I can ALWAYS trust the Master more than the method… and even when I fail terribly, God works EVERYTHING out for good.


  3. Sara, thank you for continuing to share your faith and trust in God in the crazies of this year! You have encouraged me once again with your transparency and heartfelt words. Love and prayers!!


  4. A really good teacher/parent, can do in one day what some teachers do in years. They can also upend the disinformation. Love at home is far better.


    1. Yes, for many, homeschool works best. For others like me right now, it is not a possible option. And for others, it is not the best option. I’m so thankful to have learned that God’s love simply reaches where we’re at when we’re living by faith! Cheers!


      1. As we live in this unprecedented time it is easy to see those who are not living by faith. It is both sobering and heartbreaking. Decisions about anything are more difficult, but God is faithful and we truly are able to do anything with Christ. When my husband and i attended a conference, Heartchange, a few years back i was given the title Warrior Princess and helped to deal with abandonment issues i didnt even know i had. So now, i have been “abandoned” once again as my husband died last year. So , ladies i put on the armor, strap on the sword and march forward in faith. Please do,the same as God leads in these uncertain times.


      2. It was a wonderful 4 day experience. David and i both enjoyed it and i still follow some of those who attended with us. We explored things within that might keep us from a deeper relationship with Jesus and were given tools to use in our walk. There were some very deep heart and soul moments, discovering more about ourselves. Everyone dug deep and were able to let go of hurts, discouragements and negative voices. It was creative, fun and challenging. There were two things that touched me deeply, being cradled by other believers and dancing with my husband. I also loved seeing what was happening in other’s hearts. Sharing burdens and loving and encouraging “strangers” was awesome.


      3. For two years, while driving to work, on the road, there was this one sign that said something like this: If my people will turn their hearts to me, I will heal their lands.


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